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Vlogmas Day 13 – Referenced Christmas Video List

So this is clearly not exhaustive. But this is my list that I use every year (adding to it all the time!) to pick the shows I watch. I presented it on our vlog here:

Most of the shows are TV episodes, and they include the showname, the season and episode (the last two digits are the episode number, and first 1 or 2 digits are the season. Enjoy! .

30 Rock-209-Ludachristmas
30 Rock-306-Christmas Special
30 Rock-408-Secret Santa
30 Rock-510-Christmas Attack Zone

3rd Rock-212-Jolly Old St Dick

8 Simple Rules-112-All I Want For Christmas

According to Jim-110_An According to Jiminy Christmas
According to Jim-210_The Christmas Party
According to Jim-313_Secret Santa
According to Jim-410_Stalking Santa
According to Jim-511_The Gift of Maggie
According to Jim-805_Two For the Money

American Housewife-109-Krampus Katie
American Housewife-210-Blue Christmas
American Housewife-310-Saving Christmas
American Housewife-410-Bromance Before Christmas

Barney Miller-512 – Toys

Big Bang-0211-Bath Gift Item Hypotheses
Big Bang-0311-Maternal Congruence
Big Bang-0611-Santa Simulation
Big Bang-0711-Cooper Extraction
Big Bang-0811-Clean Room Extraction
Big Bang-1012-Holiday Summation
Big Bang-1111-The Celebration Reverberation (Weak)

Blackadder-307-Blackadder Christmas Carol

Bob-112 A Christmas Story
Bob-207 Have Yourself a Married Little Christmas

Bob Newhart-114 -His Biggest Season
Bob Newhart-215-I am Dreaming of a Slight Christmas
Bob Newhart-315-Home is Where The Heart Is
Bob Newhart-415-Bob Tonsils Out Christmas
Bob Newhart-513-Making Up Is the Thing To Do
Bob Newhart-612-Twas the Pie Before Christmas

Brooklyn 99-111-Christmas
Brooklyn 99-210-Pontiac Bandit Returns
Brooklyn 99-310-Yippie Kayak
Brooklyn 99-410-Captain Latvia

Bugs Bunny-Looney Christmas Tales

Cheers-112-Spy Who Came In For a Cold One

Christmas Vacation (Movie)

Community-111-Comparative Religion
Community-211-Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas
Community-310-Regional Holiday Music
Community-410-Intro to Knots

Corner Gas-313-Merry Gasmas

Cristela-109-It’s Not About The Tamales

Dave’s World-113-I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Claus Pt 1
Dave’s World-114-I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Claus Pt 2

Dennis the Menace-111-The Christmas Story
Dennis The Menace-212-The Christmas Horse
Dennis The Menace-312-The Fifteen Foot Christmas Tree

Die Hard (Movie)
Die Hard 2 (Movie)

Disney Cartoon_Pluto’s Christmas Tree
Disney Cartoon_Polar Trappers
Disney Cartoon_The Art of Skiing
Disney Cartoon_Toy Tinkers

Dobie Gillis-12-Deck the Halls
Dobie Gillis-209-Jangle Bells

Dragnet (First Series)-207-22 Rifle For Christmas
Dragnet (First Series)-317-The Big Little Jesus

Dragnet (Later Series)-215-The Christmas Story

Drew Carey-109_Drew and Mrs Louder
Drew Carey-112_Isomers Have Distinct Characteristic

Elf (Movie)

Everybody Loves Raymond-112_The Ball
Everybody Loves Raymond-212_All I Want For Christmas
Everybody Loves Raymond-312_The Toaster
Everybody Loves Raymond-411_The Christmas Picture
Everybody Loves Raymond-511_Christmas Presents
Everybody Loves Raymond-612_Seasons Greetings
Everybody Loves Raymond-711_The Thought That Counts
Everybody Loves Raymond-810_Jazz Records

Father Knows Best – 112 -The Christmas Story

Flintstones Christmas Carol
Flintstones Flintstones Family Christmas
Flintstones (Christmas Flintstone)

Frasier-0112-Miracle On Third or Fourth Street
Frasier-0309-Frasier Grinch
Frasier-0509-Perspectives on Christmas
Frasier-0610-Merry Christmas Mrs Moskowitz
Frasier-0711-Flight Before Christmas
Frasier-0808-Mary Christmas
Frasier-1010-We Two Kings
Frasier-1111-High Holidays

Friends-0209_The One with Phoebe’s Dad
Friends-0310_The One Where Rachel Quits
Friends-0410_The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie
Friends-0510_The One With The Inappropriate Sister
Friends-0610_The One With The Routine
Friends-0709_The One With All The Candy
Friends-0710_The One With The Holiday Armadillo
Friends-0811_The One With The Creepy Holiday Card
Friends-0910_The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Frosty the Snowman

Futurama-204_Xmas Story
Futurama-303 A Tale of Two Santas (Hulu 402)
Futurama-613 Holiday Spectacular (Hulu 713)

Gillian’s Island-112-Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk

Goldbergs-110-Kara Te
Goldbergs-310-A Christmas Story
Goldbergs-410-Han Ukkah Solo
Goldbergs-510-We Didn’t Start the Fire
Goldbergs-610-Yippee Ki Yay Melon Farmer
Goldbergs-710-It’s a Wonderful Life

Goode Life-(special) Silly But It’s Fun

Green Acres -203-Old Fashioned Christmas

Gremlins (Movie)

Grounded For Life-207-I Saw Daddy Hitting Santa Claus (peacock)

Happy Days-211-Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas Dinner

Happy Endings-209-Grinches Be Crazy
Happy Endings-307-No Ho Ho

Hazel-112-Hazels Christmas Shopping

Holiday Inn (Movie)

Home Improvement – 112 – Yule Better Watch Out

How I Met Your Mother-0211_How Lily Stole Christmas
How I Met Your Mother-0411 Little Minnesota
How I Met Your Mother-0612_False Positive
How I Met Your Mother-0712 Symphony of Illumination

How the Grinch Store Christmas (Special)
How the Grinch Store Christmas (Movie 2018)

How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming

I Love Lucy-611-Christmas Episode

Ice Age – A Mammoth Christmas (Special)

Kids are Alright-108-Christmas 1972

King of Queens-111-Noel Cowards
King of Queens-212_Net Prophets
King of Queens-311_Better Camera
King of Queens-412_Ovary Action
King of Queens-511_Mentalo Case
King of Queens-611_Santa Clausetrophobia
King of Queens-707-Silent Mite
King of Queens-811_Baker’s Doesn’t

Last Man Standing-110 Last Christmas Standing
Last Man Standing-207 Putting a Hit On Christmas
Last Man Standing-311 Elfie
Last Man Standing-411 Wedding Planning
Last Man Standing-511 Gift of the Wise Man
Last Man Standing-611 My Name Is Rob
Last Man Standing-709-The Gift of the Mike Guy

Life In Pieces-111-College Stealing Santa Caroling
Life in Pieces-308-12 Shorts of Christmas

Lucy Show-113-Together For Christmas

Mad About You 111 Met Someone

Man With A Plan – 107 – Winter has come

Malcolm in the Middle-307-Christmas
Malcolm In The Middle-507-Christmas Trees
Malcolm in the Middle-606-Hal’s Christmas Gift

Married With Children-0213_You’d Better Watch Out
Married With Children-0411_Its a Bundyful Life, Part I
Married With Children-0412_Its a Bundyful Life, Part II
Married With Children-0712_Christmas
Married With Children-0813_The Worst Noel
Married With Children-1013_I Can’t Believe It’s Butter
Married With Children-1108_God Help Ye Merry Bundy Men

Mary Tyler Moore – 114 – Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid
Mary Tyler Moore – 509 – Not a Christmas Story

Mash-0112-Dear Dad
Mash-0715-Dear Sis
Mash-0905-Death Takes a Holiday
Mash-1009-‘Twas the Day After Christmas

Merry Madagascar (Special)

Mickey Mouse Duck the Halls (Special)

Mickey’s Christmas Carol (Movie)

Middle-110_Christmas (MP4)
Middle-210_Simple Christmas (MP4)i
Middle-310_A Christmas Gift (Amazon)
Middle-408_Christmas Help (Amazon)
Middle-509_Christmas Tree (Amazon)
Middle-609_The Christmas Wall (Amazon)
Middle-710 Not So Silent Night (Amazon)
Middle-809 A Very Marry Christmas (Amazon)
Middle-910-Christmas Miracle

Mike and Molly-112-First Christmas
Mike and Molly-211-Christmas Break
Mike and Molly-310-Karaoke Christmas
Mike and Molly-503-Tis the Season to Be Molly

Miracle on 34th Street (Movie) (Many iterations, original is best!)

Miranda-206-The Perfect Christmas
Miranda-301-The Perfect Panning

Modern Family-0111-Undeck the Halls
Modern Family-0310-Express Christmas
Modern Family-0510-The Old Man and the Tree
Modern Family-0709-White Christmas
Modern Family-0809-Snow Ball
Modern Family-1010-Stuck In a Moment
Modern Family-1111-Last Christmas

Mork and Mindy-112-Mork’s First Christmas

Mr Bean-107-Merry Christmas Mr Bean

Muppet Christmas Carol (Movie)
Muppets Letters to Santa (Special)

My Names Is Earl-110-White Lie Christmas

Naked Truth-112-Sewer Gators, Swordplay, and a Santa from Hell

Newhart-109 No Room at the Inn

NewsRadio-210_Xmas Story
NewsRadio-408_Stupid Holiday Charity Talent Show

Noelle (Movie)

Office-210-Christmas Party
Office-310-Benihana Christmas
Office-511-Moroccan Christmas
Office-711-Classy Christmas
Office-712-Classy Christmas Pt 2
Office-810-Secret Santa
Office-909-Dwight Christmas

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (Special)

Olive the Other Reindeer (Special)

Peanuts—Charlie Brown Christmas(Special)
Peanuts-Christmas Tales (Special)
Peanuts–I want a Dog for Christmas (Special)
Peanuts—It’s Christmastime Again (Special)

Madagascar Penguin’s – A Christmas Caper (Special)

Prep and Landing (Special)
Prep and Landing Naughty or Nice (Special)

Raising Hope-310-The last Christmas
Raising Hope-409-The chance Who Stole Christmas

Rodney-110-Its Up Its Good

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Special)

Schooled-210-Beanie Babies

Scrooged (Movie)

Seinfeld-311-The Red Dot
Seinfeld-610-The Race
Seinfeld-710-The Gum
Seinfeld-910-The Strike

Served-309-Christmas Crackers
Served-409-Father Christmas Affair

Shrek the Halls (Special)

Single Parents-110-Magic Box
Single Parents-210-Good Holidays to You

Simpsons-0101-Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Simpsons-0711-Marge Be Not Proud
Simpsons-0910-Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
Simpsons-1109-Grift of the Magi
Simpsons-1306-She Of Little Faith

Speechless-210-Silent Night
Speechless-308-Jingle thon

Star Wars Holiday Special (Find on Youtube… Seriously awful!)

Superstore-307-Christmas Eve

That Girl-215-‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

That 70s Show-112 best Christmas Ever
That 70s Show-309 Hyde’s Christmas Rager
That 70s Show-412 An Eric Foreman Christmas
That 70s Show-607 Christmas
That 70s Show-711 Winter

The Nanny-109-The Christmas Show

The Neighbors-109-Merry Crapmess
The Neighbors-211-Christmas Story

The Nanny-610-The Hanukkah Show

Thin Blue Line-107-Yuletide Spirit

Toy Story Time Forgot (Special)

Trophy Wife – 110 – Twas The Night Before Christmas or Twas it?

Twas the night before Christmas

Two Guys and a Girl-212-And a Christmas Story

Wakko’s Wish (Special)

White Christmas (Movie)

Wings-211-A Terminal Christmas
Wings-410-The customer’s Usually Right
Wings-511-Happy Holidays
Wings-710-Twas the Heist Before Christmas
Wings-811-All About Christmas Eve

Yes Dear-111-All I want For Christmas is My Dead Uncle’s Cash
Yes Dear-211-A Complicated Plot

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