Pal Val’s #7 – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Often people ask why we like going to Walt Disney World so much (I have noted this to be a common gripe amongst Distwitterers There are several reasons why it is our favorite place – and sometimes those reasons change in level of importance from visit to visit. But, most often the answer is pretty simple…it’s all about the rides. We are thrilled to make it to the park at rope drop and stay until the ‘goodnight kiss’ and just ride attractions the entire day. And we don’t mean just ride everything one time – our goal is to get as many rides on as many attractions as possible. Because of my vertigo – that makes some rides a challenge for me – but as long as it is not an inversion coaster like Rock ‘N Roller Coaster or spin in complete circles like Primeval Whirl – I am all about the ride!

Seven Dwarves1

This brings us to #7 on my list – the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – a family style rocking roller coaster in the Magic Kingdom (rocking, like back and forth, not rockin’, like Aerosmith!) I especially enjoy this coaster because it is a wonderful example of the type of Disney Parks detail we love so much. The Imagineers did an amazing job – once again giving guests the feeling they are stepping into a story – not just experiencing a coaster. From the moment you step into the queue you feel you are walking deep into the woods, heading into an actual diamond mine. Because this ride is in the new area of Fantasyland, it has something the other areas above the Utilidors cannot enjoy – trees that are planted in the ground. The details are enchanting and there is always something new to see.

The following picture was taken from the queue, where you feel as if you are delving deeper into the forest.

From The Queue

We don’t often take the time to go through the queue (we try to have Fast Passes for this one as it can be a very long wait) – but this is a queue that you must experience at least one time. There are several fun interactive stations throughout with games to pass the time. One of those stations are a group of barrels that spin – as they spin you see images of gems on the ceiling above the barrels. Be sure to get several people in the queue to help – if you get all the barrels spinning at once it produces a special image on the ceiling for you!

I believe Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an excellent first coaster for a child (or an adult). It has theming that is interactive and fun. Because you are in a mine car, it sets down a little lower into the cave setting around it, so it doesn’t have that tall hill view like a coaster that is just a seat up on plain metal bars. Also, there is a little break in the middle where the ride slows down and you can see, up close, the amazing new animatronics of the dwarfs working in the diamond mine. It was our youngest granddaughters first coaster – and even though in the picture she looks terrified – she came off wanting to immediately ride it again.


This is a coaster that does not set off my vertigo…the first few times I ride it. One visit we decided to try the Early Morning Magic at Magic Kingdom. This special, extra ticket purchase required, event gives you over one hour in the parks before the park officially opens – as well as a yummy breakfast! I learned that riding Seven Dwarfs four times in a row is my maximum before the world begins to spin! My husband made it ten times before the gates opened and the lines started to form (which after ten times makes waiting in line a downer!)

If you are not able to get Fast Passes for this one (they are often hard to come by, we were not able to get them on our trip next week, even though we did get Slinky Dog Dash and Flight of Passage) then try to make it to the park for rope drop and head to this ride first. The line may initially look long, but if you can get in before the Fast Passes are in full use – it moves very quickly. The wait will only get longer from there – it often has the longest wait time at the park.

Don’t forget to look at the door of Snow White’s cottage (you may have to look back because you go by pretty quickly) – you don’t want to miss seeing who is knocking at her door!!

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