Pal Val’s #12 – Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular


As we get closer to #1 the picks will become a little more obvious, but they nonetheless deserve discussion. I have mentioned before that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite parks. I enjoy a good firework show as much as the next Disney enthusiast, but not as much as my husband who went four nights in a row when he was down in Orlando last year for a conference. After seeing Wishes many, many times, it had become one of those shows that I could miss if we wanted to do something else while the crowds were waiting for show to start.

Which reminds me of a great tip, if you are spending two evenings at Hollywood Studios or the Magic Kingdom – plan on seeing the fireworks show one night and then ride your favorite rides during the fireworks the next night. Many of the wait times are often much lower during parades and fireworks! Now, the word you are looking for is – ANYWAY…

I was excited for the addition of fireworks at Hollywood Studios. Not only because I am a huge Star Wars fan – but we spent a New Year’s Eve at Hollywood Studios many years ago and it was an excellent venue for this type of show. Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular is much more than just a firework display. Utilizing projection technology, lasers, and an amazing sound track – it lives up to the grandiose title. It is now an event that I do not want to miss and look forward to each visit to WDW. Unfortunately, I have missed it the last few visits for various reasons (last trip our kids wanted to ride Slinky Dog Dash one more time, and we experienced the fireworks during that ride!) All of which means that for this trip it is on my list of MUST DO’S (Stacy would be so proud!).


A few tips if you are planning your upcoming trip to Hollywood Studios to see this spectacular galactic fireworks show…

  • Schedule your evening at Hollywood Studios with plenty of time to find a spot before the show… at least an hour. Because of the layout of the park, you want to be in the courtyard that is in front of the center stage. If you are behind the projection towers at the back of the courtyard, they will obstruct your view of the projections on the theater. These spots fill up very quickly. You can still see the fireworks from Hollywood Boulevard, but some of the best aspects of this show are how the music, projections, and fireworks all work together, so you really want to experience them all.
  • Try not to stand too close to the center stage. You will have a great view of the stage, but the theater will block some of the fireworks if you are too close. My favorite place is to be in the front row of the second section back, behind the tape pathway the cast members create. You can see the stage, theater, and the fireworks!
  • Speaking of the tape pathways, the cast members must keep pathways clear for emergencies. Please be mindful of those walkways. We often see people try to stay on them to get a good view after the show has started. A cast member having to repeat “move along” over and over can take away from the show as much as someone holding their iPad or child (sometimes both!) too far over their head.
  • Don’t be in a rush to leave after the show is over. Everyone is heading out the gates to transportation and you will just be waiting in an incredibly long line. Hollywood Studios is so beautiful at night and has an amazing atmosphere. Save a snack and find a bench and just enjoy the lights and music for a few minutes while everyone else is pushing to get out! I love walking down Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard when the park is almost empty!
  • Finally, if you decide to leave to beat the crowds, you can still get quite a show outside the gates if you time it just right.
    HS - Star Wars Fireworks Outside Entrance 2

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