Pal Val’s #16 – Up: A Great Bird Adventure?

Alright, I will admit this is a stretch for even me to believe I added this one to the list – but hear me out. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I spend a lot of time roaming around Animal Kingdom. While my husband is off setting records on riding Expedition Everest, I try to spend my time doing the attractions I love most, while enjoying the scenery and shows. One of the attractions that my husband did not like to visit was the former “Flights of Wonder”. Now, I am not a person who just loves animal shows or is even particularly extra fond of birds. But, there was something really appealing about that show.

For those who may have never experienced “Flights of Wonder”, it was a demonstration that showcased some of the amazing birds at Animal Kingdom. A bird trainer would be on stage to share facts about the birds to an actor portraying an explorer/tour group leader who had a fear of birds. It had some humorous moments, it just felt fun, and they gave a very natural performance. The setting in Asia was lovely and it was a nice place to sit and enjoy the show. I tried to see it every time I was at Animal Kingdom.

Recently the “Flights of Wonder” show has gone through a refurbishment and reworked as “Up: A Great Bird Adventure”. We are big fans of the movie Up – so we were looking forward (at least the kids and I were looking forward) to seeing the new show that now includes Russell and Doug.

#16 Up A Great Bird Adventure-1

My daughter, youngest granddaughter, and I were able to catch the show late one afternoon while the others were riding Everest for the 15th time. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the changes – I left so very disappointed. I felt like the show lacked the pace of its predecessor and the timing of the dialogue felt awkward. It just wasn’t as funny and lacked the charm of the original. To be fair, we were there in July, it was incredibly hot that afternoon. We were sitting in the very back, and there was no air (or even a breeze from a fan) hitting us. I was incredibly surprised that as we left the show the girls were excited about it. They thought it was great and loved seeing their favorite characters. My granddaughter especially, she thought the birds were amazing.

After I arrived home I started wondering if I had let how uncomfortable I was influence how I felt about the show. It was very hot, I had run out of water, and we did not have great seats. I felt like I needed to give the attraction another chance – so I decided to make it a priority this trip. This is why: “Up: A Great Bird Adventure” is on my list. When you visit WDW, it is sometimes easy to let your surroundings or impatience affect your opinion of a ride or attraction. Whenever I think I really didn’t enjoy something, I always give it another chance. Sometimes I see it with different eyes, or I realize that it wasn’t the attraction that was at fault, but my attitude in the moment.
On the other hand, sometimes it isn’t just me. After I made my list and began this blog post there was a new development. We received this notice through the media today…maybe I wasn’t too hasty in my judgement after all…

#16 Up A Great Bird Adventure-2

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