Pal Val’s #17 – The Baseline Tap House

#17 Baseline Tap House-1I know my husband was surprised to see this one on my list (neither of us really thought to get an overall picture even.)  Disney Hollywood Studios, as may already know, has been going through a bit of a transformation of late.  When we first started visiting Walt Disney World, DHS was my favorite park – the atmosphere is so fun.  It was always a little more laid back, at night it just lights up beautifully, and I love the classic Hollywood feel of the park. If I found a bench on the corner of Hollywood and Sunset at night, with a little breeze blowing – perfect to chill with a snack and people watch!!

I also had a favorite shop to frequent back in the day. The Writer’s Stop was next to the Sci-Fi Restaurant and was a cute little place to get a snack and see some unique merchandise. Over the years, the items they were selling became more common place (less unique stuff, way too much kitchen gadgetry that you can find anywhere) so I didn’t stop as often. The construction all over the park for the last couple of years has been brutal, so on the whole DHS has not been as great of a place to hang out and relax as it once was – although I have faith that it is all going to be amazing again!!

Last September, DHS opened the Baseline Tap House in the place of The Writer’s Stop.  My husband and I do not drink alcohol, so we did not really think it would be a place we would go.  On our visit to WDW last May, we were tired, thirsty, and hungry but had dining reservations coming up in a few hours. So, we decided to go in to check out the menu and get a soda.  They just have a few snacks, but we were pleasantly surprised.  We ordered the California Cheese and Charcuterie Board and I had the most amazing Blue Sky Black Cherry Soda – that they have on tap!! (I can find the Blue Sky Soda at Earth Faire, but it isn’t quite as good)

#17 Baseline Tap House-2

The décor is set up like an old “mom-and-pop” print shop and it is charming.  With the string lights on the outdoor terrace facing out to the newly themed Grand Avenue – it gives you the feel of classic Hollywood. I finally found a place to snack, chill, and people watch again – just like when we first started going to Hollywood Studios.  We didn’t get to stop in July, we had the kids with us and Toy Story Land had just opened – so not even I would take time away from Slinky Dog Dash for a relaxing snack (outside of Toy Story Land’s great food).  But…it is going to be a stop for me this time for sure!

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