Pal Val’s Top 20 Things She’s Most Excited About Seeing on our next trip to WDW

Starting tomorrow, Pal Val is going to post her 20 things she is most excited to see and do on our next trip to Disney World in 20 days. While she has reminded me a few times, these will not strictly be her favorite things she likes to do at Disney World, but rather what she is excited for this trip.

Even still, some of her picks are going to be quite different than my list (which did not include any restaurants, and finished with pretty much every thrill ride in all of the parks.) She does get vertigo, so I guess I can understand why Rockin’ Rollercoaster isn’t on the list, or some of the other rides that I like to ride 20 times, and after she rides twice I get to see her wobbling around like she is drunk (and much like myself, she doesn’t drink alcohol!)

Beyond the 20 pictures that will be shared in our feeds, she is going to write a blog about each location, giving her reasons why she made the choice, and any interesting tips and info she can share. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy editing them!


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