Changes for my blog, Twitter, and Instagram Feeds!

Something awesome is occurring.  I have just hired an editor to help me do a better job with my scheduled tweets not having so many typos. This person, like myself, is a professional writer for non-Disney outlets (she has a doctorate in education), and is an excellent editor. (I am actually a pretty good editor when it is not my own writing. I find typos everywhere in news, advertisements, tweets, etc… but editing myself has always been a challenge.)

Luckily for me, she comes at a very reasonable price. I just have to take her along with me to the Disney parks when I go, and vice versa! Luckily for me, she is also my wife, and unless she is stuck working on some project when I have a conference in the Florida region, is always there with me on my trips to Walt Disney World, and in our upcoming January trip to Disneyland for our 30th anniversary.

Nothing big will change, but there is going to be more blog content. I still will try to tweet a photograph or more every day at 3:00 PM Eastern Time, and the pictures will still be shots with very few people in them. If we share the rare picture of ourselves, like normal, they will not likely be our featured picture of the day. I will still be the primary tweeter, and she will man the Instagram feed, where she will repost the pictures and sometimes expand a bit. It is important to me that both locations have pictures that you can see directly in the feed without clicking a link. I enjoy Twitter for the stream of quick communication, not to click back and forth just to see a picture (a blog or youtube video that takes more than a second is not bad at all!)

Her name is Val, but her nickname in our family is Pal Val. Why Pal Val? Because she reminds us of the old Pal Mickey doll. If you accidentally squeeze her hand or bump into her tummy, you will get 20 minutes of backstory about the parks, life, or some topic you don’t remember asking her about (We do mostly enjoy it!)

Pal Val

She is a huge fan of a certain ride in Walt Disney World. I would tell you what it is, but starting tomorrow she will write a blog series counting down the top 20 things she is most excited about on our next trip (with perhaps a wee bit of snarky commentary added by me!)

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