My Husband Went to Disney World Alone, So He Had to Suffer…a little

Written by the wife of @DisneyPicADay‘s typical author

It Is no secret that my husband and I are Disney enthusiasts. Enthusiasts may not be the correct word – devotees, aficionados…nuts.  Any way you slice it, we both love to go to Disney World, and when we do, each day is spent in the parks enjoying as many attractions, as many times, as possible. Which gave us quite the problem last year when it was time for our annual fall trip to our Happy Place.

I was working on a tight deadline to complete my doctoral dissertation in time for defense.  To make matters worse, my brother had major surgery and I was behind schedule.  I had intended on the writing to be complete in time for me to enjoy the trip to Disney, free from the shackles that tied me to my computer, only to realize that there was no way I could go on the trip.  My husband tried to be as kind about it as possible (he had to go to a conference in Orlando, so he wasn’t going to cancel!), but he was very excited and every time we talked about all the things he would be doing without me – it made me a little sad.  I knew that when he arrived at the park he would forget all about me and have way too much fun.  So, I came up with a way that he would be required to think about me, and feel my pain, during his trip.

Each day, he would be required to complete an activity of my choosing, or he would have to purchase me a gift from that park. A gift that he knew I would like. He lovingly (and a wee bit begrudgingly because he hates to spend money or spend time not riding rides!)  agreed, and the following were his special activities at each park…

Day 1 – Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was really the reason I gave him the “just buy a gift” option.  He has a record for the number of times he has ridden Expedition Everest in a row (58) and I really didn’t want to ruin his opportunity that day by making him go to another attraction.  My attraction choice for him was the Flights of Wonder show.  I love this show, but my husband is not quite as enthusiastic about it as I am.  He was having a great run on Everest, so he chose the gift on this day.


I love my sterling silver Mickey earrings!!


Day 2 – Epcot

His quest at Epcot was to ride Journey into Imagination with Figment (Figment is one of my favorite characters so it is a ride he puts up with for me) and then to do the Chase Meet and Greet that is right outside the exit.  You don’t know the character before you go in, so I was hoping for an embarrassing one – it was Mickey and Minnie.  Not embarrassing – but he said that it was very awkward for him to be there by himself!!

2017-10-19 00.19.43-2

Day 3 – Magic Kingdom

This day was a ride on the Prince Charming Regal Carousel.  We never ride it when we go to the MK, and I thought the long wait – for my roller coaster obsessed husband – just to ride a Carousel would give him time to think about how sad I was working while he was at the Happiest Place on Earth.  He enjoyed it a little too much, but no workable pictures from this ride (The PhotoPass person thought she had some, but nope!)

Day 4 – Hollywood Studios

For the final day, his assignment was to take a picture with either Sophia or Doc McStuffins outside of the Disney Junior Playhouse.  He chose Sophia and it is one of my very favorite pictures of him now!  He was embarrassed enough to explain to the people in the line – and Sophia – why he was there!!

2017-10-19 00.19.43

Even though it was a tough week for me, this game definitely made me feel more involved in the trip and I think he had fun worrying about what was going to be required of him next.

3 thoughts on “My Husband Went to Disney World Alone, So He Had to Suffer…a little

  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing. I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have been to Disney by myself- due to conferences. But hey when you love the house of the mouse you go regardless!


    1. Yes, due to conferences, that’s my excuse :). It interesting how Disney World changes complexion when you are solo, in a pair, or going as a group. Going solo is just so very easy to do just what you want, but you start to wish someone was there with you. The more people, the more fun socially, but that 10th ride on Space Mountain you want to take may elicit groans from the crowd 🙂


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