Embracing (mainly) the Happiness of Disney

This is my last, “why am I doing this” post. No one has yet read the previous blogs as I am writing this one, and maybe they never will. I am a writer, and it is fun to do some writing just to try out a new medium, writing about something that I enjoy, not as a creator of something, but just an admirer.

The last thing I want to highlight about why I am doing this, is that I want to curate a feed of content that is mainly happy stuff. I don’t want to follow people who constantly show the bad sides of things, or talk about how much better the

So I clearly don’t work for Disney, other than working to make money to go to their parks and hotels. There are plenty of negatives that can be shared, as the parks are not perfect, to say the least. They get rid of rides that I love. They get rid of food I love (Cupcake in a Cup, which my gluten free spouse would eat 100 of and gladly pay the price). Sometimes cast members are jerks. Sometimes it rains, sometimes they cancel your favorite parade because of it when you are there just one night having spent a fortune.

But generally speaking, there is so much good stuff to say, that that is all I want to talk about. Not corporate shill level happiness, to be sure (unless I start to draw a paycheck from Disney to write about the parks, in which case I would turn it up to 11…while doing more complaining to Disney about their products, just like I do with another company whose products that I write about in my other side work.) And I occasionally will reply about things that I don’t love. But like I said before, I just want to cultivate a group of Disney friends and enjoy all that there is to have fun with in the parks.

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