Tips, Tricks, Occasionally…

Everyday at 3:00 PM ET (usually), I will post a new picture that I have taken sometime in the past. Someday perhaps I will include with this tips about dealing with the part of the parks that the picture is about.

My biggest problem with Tip and Tricks is the there are SO MANY PEOPLE doing this, and very little of what you read is actually meaningful after a trip or two. Disney is a complex place, and on your first trip there, you will no doubt think, meh, it’s like Six Flags, just go and ride some rides. It is nothing like Six Flags, Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, Holiday World, or any of the lower tier theme parks. They both serve different audiences, even if the people are the same. I go to Dollywood a lot, and it is an amazing place. But the way it works, and the logistics of getting around are vastly different than Disney World.

Once you go to Disney World once, you will join one group or another:

  • I never want to go back, and probably never will
  • I never want to go back, but someone in my life demands it
  • I want to go back someday
  • I want to stay here and live, disregarding the rest of my life

The first group is probably unsaveable, and some of them are probably the best people to go and ask for help with finances. The rest need tips, but vastly different tips. So who knows. My co-twitter partner on this venture is interested in some more long form blogs later, so we will see.

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