I disagree with you, but let’s be Disney friends anyhow

I have feelings and beliefs on lots of stuff. You do too. We may agree on some stuff, and disagree on other stuff. If we discussed _____________ you might feel like punching me. I may feel the same about you (I wouldn’t, as that isn’t the right way to deal with an argument.) But if we can agree on one thing, that Walt Disney had a vision for a beautiful park that you could hang out in all day, get a little dizzy, and eat some ridiculous food.

So just like my post a few days ago on why I may not follow you, this policy of mine is just the opposite. I will talk Disney with you regardless, and will not follow you unless Disney is primarily what you talk about.

Note too that my retweeting or replying or discussing Disney with you is not an endorsement of ANY other beliefs or actions you may have done or will do. This means conservative, liberal, or libertarian opinions, crimes, or even if you preferred Captain EO over the Animated Film Festival, or even if you are for getting rid of all of the rib offerings at the Animal Kingdom. I really love the ribs in Africa. Really.



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