No news here, just memories!

I don’t live in the Orlando area, and I am not in the news media, so I am never going to scoop anyone when it comes to news. I only truly plan to retweet news when it has an interesting photograph of a part of Disney World.

This does not mean that I don’t care about the upcoming stuff. Today’s Throwback Thursday post was a picture I took a “few” years ago when I was still salivating at the new roller coaster coming to this interesting theme park called Animal Kingdom. Little did I know just how great that coaster would be (and that it would be that rare Disney ride that you can hit 50 times in a day sometimes).

When I am (hopefully) in Orlando this year in early May, I will take more pictures of the coming stuff around the parks, and in July I will be there with our larger family to see Toy Story Land.

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