Why don’t I follow such and such?

The basic reason I started this feed/blog is to capture and share vacation “memories” that are in my head, and in your head too. I use most of the pictures that I tweet as screen savers for my Windows computer, so I have 3 or 4 memories looking at me all day. I also use them in my two Chromecast devices as background images as well.

So my goal for both my feed that I read, and the feed I present is strictly “Disney” in nature. I do not fault anyone for posting political, spiritual, or whatever you want to post on your twitter feed. I have a personal twitter feed where I get and occasionally post plenty of that. But when you come to my feed, the idea is that you are on vacation from all of that stuff. You are mostly seeing a feed of pictures from vacation, where the only worries are whether to eat a deep fried twinkie or a cupcake or a turkey leg (ok, I’ll just eat them all, m’kay, don’t judge me).

As an example,  I originally followed Joe Rhode, because his work as an Imagineer is amazing. But he often tweets about politics, and history, and stuff that really isn’t vacation related. (I do follow him on my personal twitter, and find his posts interesting, just not here.) I just want to keep it light and entertaining.

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