What my (mostly) Twitter venture is all about.

When I came home from a trip to Disney World in January 2018, I realized that I finally wanted to take a dip into blogging about something other than technology. I also don’t want this to become an all encompassing obsession. So sending a “Disney Picture A Day” to the world seemed like a way to go. I will also retweet pictures that I see others posting, as a way to support other Disney bloggers.

My primary inspiration for the “once a day picture” was an app I loved last year. In 2017, there was an app called “Daily Magic” on iOS that had a Disney picture a day, with some information about it. I am trying to do something similar, but with a bit less focus on being artsy. It is gone now, but it was great getting a new picture each day. I am considering an iOS app myself, but the kind of programming I do is not really app compatible at all.


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