Who I am, and why I am tweeting, sort of

This month, I want to include some basic information about who I am, though not exactly who I am. I have been a technology blogger for about 20 years, and have written a number of technical books. This is going to continue for years to come, but I don’t want that world to influence this Disney world just yet, as I want to grow this from scratch, not relying on my other followers. I will tell you that I “famous” amongst a very small number of people, but unless you work with a certain computer programming tool, you have never heard of me.

I have been going to Disney World for about 20 years now, pretty much coinciding with when I started my technology writing (and also the point in history where I started having enough money to spend on such frivolity as vacations.)  I have been itching to start some new venture in the Disney nerd community, and this is it.

While my trips to Disney World are not at all physically relaxing, riding rides and taking copious numbers pictures is very relaxing. I hope I can share this with you, and have an impetus for digging through all of the many many photographs I have taken over the years.

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