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MK_MSCINEMA_20171128_406718636888We may live in Tennessee but our hearts are in Walt Disney World every single day! Constantly planning our next trip to our happy place, we share a personal Disney pic a day from our over 16 years of traveling to “The Most Magical Place on Earth”! You can find us on Instagram @disneypicaday or on Twitter @disneypicaday. This blog is our place to write extended articles with stories, recommendations, critiques, and tips to help you plan your visit!

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Vlogmas Day 13 – Referenced Christmas Video List

So this is clearly not exhaustive. But this is my list that I use every year (adding to it all the time!) to pick the shows I watch. I presented it on our vlog here:

Most of the shows are TV episodes, and they include the showname, the season and episode (the last two digits are the episode number, and first 1 or 2 digits are the season. Enjoy! .

30 Rock-209-Ludachristmas
30 Rock-306-Christmas Special
30 Rock-408-Secret Santa
30 Rock-510-Christmas Attack Zone

3rd Rock-212-Jolly Old St Dick

8 Simple Rules-112-All I Want For Christmas

According to Jim-110_An According to Jiminy Christmas
According to Jim-210_The Christmas Party
According to Jim-313_Secret Santa
According to Jim-410_Stalking Santa
According to Jim-511_The Gift of Maggie
According to Jim-805_Two For the Money

American Housewife-109-Krampus Katie
American Housewife-210-Blue Christmas
American Housewife-310-Saving Christmas
American Housewife-410-Bromance Before Christmas

Barney Miller-512 – Toys

Big Bang-0211-Bath Gift Item Hypotheses
Big Bang-0311-Maternal Congruence
Big Bang-0611-Santa Simulation
Big Bang-0711-Cooper Extraction
Big Bang-0811-Clean Room Extraction
Big Bang-1012-Holiday Summation
Big Bang-1111-The Celebration Reverberation (Weak)

Blackadder-307-Blackadder Christmas Carol

Bob-112 A Christmas Story
Bob-207 Have Yourself a Married Little Christmas

Bob Newhart-114 -His Biggest Season
Bob Newhart-215-I am Dreaming of a Slight Christmas
Bob Newhart-315-Home is Where The Heart Is
Bob Newhart-415-Bob Tonsils Out Christmas
Bob Newhart-513-Making Up Is the Thing To Do
Bob Newhart-612-Twas the Pie Before Christmas

Brooklyn 99-111-Christmas
Brooklyn 99-210-Pontiac Bandit Returns
Brooklyn 99-310-Yippie Kayak
Brooklyn 99-410-Captain Latvia

Bugs Bunny-Looney Christmas Tales

Cheers-112-Spy Who Came In For a Cold One

Christmas Vacation (Movie)

Community-111-Comparative Religion
Community-211-Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas
Community-310-Regional Holiday Music
Community-410-Intro to Knots

Corner Gas-313-Merry Gasmas

Cristela-109-It’s Not About The Tamales

Dave’s World-113-I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Claus Pt 1
Dave’s World-114-I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Claus Pt 2

Dennis the Menace-111-The Christmas Story
Dennis The Menace-212-The Christmas Horse
Dennis The Menace-312-The Fifteen Foot Christmas Tree

Die Hard (Movie)
Die Hard 2 (Movie)

Disney Cartoon_Pluto’s Christmas Tree
Disney Cartoon_Polar Trappers
Disney Cartoon_The Art of Skiing
Disney Cartoon_Toy Tinkers

Dobie Gillis-12-Deck the Halls
Dobie Gillis-209-Jangle Bells

Dragnet (First Series)-207-22 Rifle For Christmas
Dragnet (First Series)-317-The Big Little Jesus

Dragnet (Later Series)-215-The Christmas Story

Drew Carey-109_Drew and Mrs Louder
Drew Carey-112_Isomers Have Distinct Characteristic

Elf (Movie)

Everybody Loves Raymond-112_The Ball
Everybody Loves Raymond-212_All I Want For Christmas
Everybody Loves Raymond-312_The Toaster
Everybody Loves Raymond-411_The Christmas Picture
Everybody Loves Raymond-511_Christmas Presents
Everybody Loves Raymond-612_Seasons Greetings
Everybody Loves Raymond-711_The Thought That Counts
Everybody Loves Raymond-810_Jazz Records

Father Knows Best – 112 -The Christmas Story

Flintstones Christmas Carol
Flintstones Flintstones Family Christmas
Flintstones (Christmas Flintstone)

Frasier-0112-Miracle On Third or Fourth Street
Frasier-0309-Frasier Grinch
Frasier-0509-Perspectives on Christmas
Frasier-0610-Merry Christmas Mrs Moskowitz
Frasier-0711-Flight Before Christmas
Frasier-0808-Mary Christmas
Frasier-1010-We Two Kings
Frasier-1111-High Holidays

Friends-0209_The One with Phoebe’s Dad
Friends-0310_The One Where Rachel Quits
Friends-0410_The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie
Friends-0510_The One With The Inappropriate Sister
Friends-0610_The One With The Routine
Friends-0709_The One With All The Candy
Friends-0710_The One With The Holiday Armadillo
Friends-0811_The One With The Creepy Holiday Card
Friends-0910_The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Frosty the Snowman

Futurama-204_Xmas Story
Futurama-303 A Tale of Two Santas (Hulu 402)
Futurama-613 Holiday Spectacular (Hulu 713)

Gillian’s Island-112-Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk

Goldbergs-110-Kara Te
Goldbergs-310-A Christmas Story
Goldbergs-410-Han Ukkah Solo
Goldbergs-510-We Didn’t Start the Fire
Goldbergs-610-Yippee Ki Yay Melon Farmer
Goldbergs-710-It’s a Wonderful Life

Goode Life-(special) Silly But It’s Fun

Green Acres -203-Old Fashioned Christmas

Gremlins (Movie)

Grounded For Life-207-I Saw Daddy Hitting Santa Claus (peacock)

Happy Days-211-Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas Dinner

Happy Endings-209-Grinches Be Crazy
Happy Endings-307-No Ho Ho

Hazel-112-Hazels Christmas Shopping

Holiday Inn (Movie)

Home Improvement – 112 – Yule Better Watch Out

How I Met Your Mother-0211_How Lily Stole Christmas
How I Met Your Mother-0411 Little Minnesota
How I Met Your Mother-0612_False Positive
How I Met Your Mother-0712 Symphony of Illumination

How the Grinch Store Christmas (Special)
How the Grinch Store Christmas (Movie 2018)

How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming

I Love Lucy-611-Christmas Episode

Ice Age – A Mammoth Christmas (Special)

Kids are Alright-108-Christmas 1972

King of Queens-111-Noel Cowards
King of Queens-212_Net Prophets
King of Queens-311_Better Camera
King of Queens-412_Ovary Action
King of Queens-511_Mentalo Case
King of Queens-611_Santa Clausetrophobia
King of Queens-707-Silent Mite
King of Queens-811_Baker’s Doesn’t

Last Man Standing-110 Last Christmas Standing
Last Man Standing-207 Putting a Hit On Christmas
Last Man Standing-311 Elfie
Last Man Standing-411 Wedding Planning
Last Man Standing-511 Gift of the Wise Man
Last Man Standing-611 My Name Is Rob
Last Man Standing-709-The Gift of the Mike Guy

Life In Pieces-111-College Stealing Santa Caroling
Life in Pieces-308-12 Shorts of Christmas

Lucy Show-113-Together For Christmas

Mad About You 111 Met Someone

Man With A Plan – 107 – Winter has come

Malcolm in the Middle-307-Christmas
Malcolm In The Middle-507-Christmas Trees
Malcolm in the Middle-606-Hal’s Christmas Gift

Married With Children-0213_You’d Better Watch Out
Married With Children-0411_Its a Bundyful Life, Part I
Married With Children-0412_Its a Bundyful Life, Part II
Married With Children-0712_Christmas
Married With Children-0813_The Worst Noel
Married With Children-1013_I Can’t Believe It’s Butter
Married With Children-1108_God Help Ye Merry Bundy Men

Mary Tyler Moore – 114 – Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid
Mary Tyler Moore – 509 – Not a Christmas Story

Mash-0112-Dear Dad
Mash-0715-Dear Sis
Mash-0905-Death Takes a Holiday
Mash-1009-‘Twas the Day After Christmas

Merry Madagascar (Special)

Mickey Mouse Duck the Halls (Special)

Mickey’s Christmas Carol (Movie)

Middle-110_Christmas (MP4)
Middle-210_Simple Christmas (MP4)i
Middle-310_A Christmas Gift (Amazon)
Middle-408_Christmas Help (Amazon)
Middle-509_Christmas Tree (Amazon)
Middle-609_The Christmas Wall (Amazon)
Middle-710 Not So Silent Night (Amazon)
Middle-809 A Very Marry Christmas (Amazon)
Middle-910-Christmas Miracle

Mike and Molly-112-First Christmas
Mike and Molly-211-Christmas Break
Mike and Molly-310-Karaoke Christmas
Mike and Molly-503-Tis the Season to Be Molly

Miracle on 34th Street (Movie) (Many iterations, original is best!)

Miranda-206-The Perfect Christmas
Miranda-301-The Perfect Panning

Modern Family-0111-Undeck the Halls
Modern Family-0310-Express Christmas
Modern Family-0510-The Old Man and the Tree
Modern Family-0709-White Christmas
Modern Family-0809-Snow Ball
Modern Family-1010-Stuck In a Moment
Modern Family-1111-Last Christmas

Mork and Mindy-112-Mork’s First Christmas

Mr Bean-107-Merry Christmas Mr Bean

Muppet Christmas Carol (Movie)
Muppets Letters to Santa (Special)

My Names Is Earl-110-White Lie Christmas

Naked Truth-112-Sewer Gators, Swordplay, and a Santa from Hell

Newhart-109 No Room at the Inn

NewsRadio-210_Xmas Story
NewsRadio-408_Stupid Holiday Charity Talent Show

Noelle (Movie)

Office-210-Christmas Party
Office-310-Benihana Christmas
Office-511-Moroccan Christmas
Office-711-Classy Christmas
Office-712-Classy Christmas Pt 2
Office-810-Secret Santa
Office-909-Dwight Christmas

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (Special)

Olive the Other Reindeer (Special)

Peanuts—Charlie Brown Christmas(Special)
Peanuts-Christmas Tales (Special)
Peanuts–I want a Dog for Christmas (Special)
Peanuts—It’s Christmastime Again (Special)

Madagascar Penguin’s – A Christmas Caper (Special)

Prep and Landing (Special)
Prep and Landing Naughty or Nice (Special)

Raising Hope-310-The last Christmas
Raising Hope-409-The chance Who Stole Christmas

Rodney-110-Its Up Its Good

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Special)

Schooled-210-Beanie Babies

Scrooged (Movie)

Seinfeld-311-The Red Dot
Seinfeld-610-The Race
Seinfeld-710-The Gum
Seinfeld-910-The Strike

Served-309-Christmas Crackers
Served-409-Father Christmas Affair

Shrek the Halls (Special)

Single Parents-110-Magic Box
Single Parents-210-Good Holidays to You

Simpsons-0101-Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Simpsons-0711-Marge Be Not Proud
Simpsons-0910-Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
Simpsons-1109-Grift of the Magi
Simpsons-1306-She Of Little Faith

Speechless-210-Silent Night
Speechless-308-Jingle thon

Star Wars Holiday Special (Find on Youtube… Seriously awful!)

Superstore-307-Christmas Eve

That Girl-215-‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

That 70s Show-112 best Christmas Ever
That 70s Show-309 Hyde’s Christmas Rager
That 70s Show-412 An Eric Foreman Christmas
That 70s Show-607 Christmas
That 70s Show-711 Winter

The Nanny-109-The Christmas Show

The Neighbors-109-Merry Crapmess
The Neighbors-211-Christmas Story

The Nanny-610-The Hanukkah Show

Thin Blue Line-107-Yuletide Spirit

Toy Story Time Forgot (Special)

Trophy Wife – 110 – Twas The Night Before Christmas or Twas it?

Twas the night before Christmas

Two Guys and a Girl-212-And a Christmas Story

Wakko’s Wish (Special)

White Christmas (Movie)

Wings-211-A Terminal Christmas
Wings-410-The customer’s Usually Right
Wings-511-Happy Holidays
Wings-710-Twas the Heist Before Christmas
Wings-811-All About Christmas Eve

Yes Dear-111-All I want For Christmas is My Dead Uncle’s Cash
Yes Dear-211-A Complicated Plot

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Figments In Time Episode 202 – Magic versus Imagination

In our new episode, we discuss the difference between Magic and Imagination, most importantly from the standpoint of what Disney delivers. The song ”You are the Magic” that is a part of the Enchantment fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom says we can go anywhere with our imagination because we are the Magic (they say you, meaning me, naturally). The anthem for the 50th Anniversary is ”The Magic Is Calling”, which I guess means we are calling ourselves!

How much of onus of the magic is really on the person at the parks? Do kids really need all the beauty of Galaxy’s Edge to see it as another galaxy? If that isn’t interesting, our Figment In Time this episode is Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween party. We are going to Boo Bash this week and will definitely show you some of what see there too.

In addition, since our previous episode, I have posted a video of the Jammitors:

As well as ValPalMickey’s changing opinion on Mickey’s Runaway Railway:

We are at Walt Disney World this week and will be back soon after we get home next week with a new episode covering all the stuff we see in the coming week (I am writing this blog on our first night, watching all the videos that I took today to see how well it came out. My reverse video from Everest is fun, and will definitely be posted sometime soon after we get home somewhere.)


Want a daily dose of short Disney videos? Check us out on TikTok along with a LOT of other fun Disney content. What I have found I like about TikTok is it is it is like video Twitter. Easy to pick up, get a bit of content, and move on.

We have some fun ideas for where to take that (some of which we are filming this week), but it will always be a lot of what I have tried to bring to #Distwitter… simple views of Disney World to take you mentally away from your day and into your happy place for a few minutes a day.

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Figments In Time Episode 201 and Updates

We are back with season 2 of our vlog on our Figments In Time Youtube Channel. The primary post is our first full episode (and if you aren’t into the whole video thing, the episode is available as a podcast on Podbean. I will be trying to expand where the podcast is published in the next few episodes as well).

In this episode, we talk about our last trip to WDW, discuss our feelings on the upcoming Genie+ (which will be updated in next week’s episode!), had pictures of Club Cool and Mouse Gear to celebrate their replacement, and had some video from the Jammitors:

Also on the channel, I put out a couple of other videos, including this one of a favorite ride that is going away for real:

And this one with the full video of Happily Ever After from the California Grill Balcony:

And if you don’t tell anyone else, Val and I did a few quick #FigmentsInTheCar episodes on our last trip and this is the result of one of them. None of our worsts were gross, so never fear, it is always PG rated in Figment Land.

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Breaking Our Disney Break

Disney and I have been on a break…well not exactly…but sort of. @DisneyPicADay and I have been DVC Members and Season Passholders for many years. We typically visit Walt Disney World three (and sometimes more) times a year. January or February for our anniversary, the fall for the Not So Scary Party, and then we fit one other visit in sometime. (It used to be May for Star Wars Weekend…play sad music here for a moment of silence and then go watch our Figments In Time episode on SWW)

Obviously, there were several months last year when no one could visit because the pandemic closed the parks…but that is not the break that I am referring to as we actually went for Christmas last December…no, we had to take a break this year because of some personal health issues.

A long time ago Walt Disney World became our favorite place to vacation – there were a lot of reasons. The first and most important reason is because @DisneyPicADay is addicted to roller coasters (editors note: all thrill rides!). Disney was one location where he could ride every attraction. Another reason was that it was the one place we could actually disconnect and just have ridiculous fun. We both had very intense jobs (and side jobs!), and before we found Disney, no matter where we went on vacation, we found ourselves working. At Walt Disney World we did not check our email or look at the news – we just had fun.

Over time, Disney also because the place for me to make decisions and decompress when life was difficult. Walking all day, looking at the amazing scenery, laughing, riding thrill rides…it cleared my brain, helped me process, and gave me time to think. I do some of my best thinking while at a Disney Park.

We have had a lot happen over this past year…really over the past few years. I have missed my thinking spot…my get away from everything and process spot. I know people don’t understand why adults love Disney – but quite honestly everyone really needs to just be kid and have fun sometimes. I am looking forward to reuniting with my happy place.

Due to my health issues from this year, I will become close friends with a scooter…and hang out at the resort way more than usual…but I am super excited about it. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday! Plus, I get to see Happily Every After fade off into the happily ever after… happiness mixed with sadness mixed with happiness!


ValPalMickey: How Disney has Broken My Heart (or at least ruined my Happily Ever After…)

Ok…so maybe that title is a little dramatic, but it is the way I am feeling at the moment. I have a lot of Walt Disney World attractions that are very important to me that I would never want to lose (I am looking at you Haunted Mansion!) but shows, especially fireworks shows, are not typically on this list. I understand stage productions can become stale or dated over time and they need to be refreshed. And honestly, some things can run for too long. So, I will typically try to visit one last time to bid a show a fond farewell and look back on pictures fondly.

I was not a huge fan of Wishes and I totally understand that I just lost many of you with that statement. It was a great show, but because of some silliness from my husband, I really struggled with the music, and I didn’t love waiting for it. We had just seen it so many times that we often just worked hard to be on Big Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain for a special view of the fireworks. I didn’t like to wait in front of the castle, with a sea of people for Wishes – so I was excited to hear we would receive a new nighttime spectacular.

I thought I might enjoy Happily Ever After and watch it occasionally, but I was not prepared for what I experienced the first time I saw this show. There was something uniquely special about this production. It is not just that the projections are amazing, which they are incredibly so, or that the fireworks are timed well…they are, it is something else. The music…the music is incredibly emotional…unlike any other fireworks show I have seen. Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular has an incredible score with music that we are familiar with…that reaches the fans nostalgia. (And I do love that show.) However, Happily Ever After uses its music in a more unique way to tug at our heartstrings. They utilize songs that we are familiar with (some more than others) but in an incredible arrangement that utilizes versions of songs that I have never heard in another setting.

Bear with me, I am going to make another controversial statement – I am not a huge Tinkerbell fan. I know…now you really hate me. (When I was a kid, I thought she was too mean to Wendy, and it just stuck with me…but I digress.) When Tinkerbell took flight in Wishes I thought it was really cool, but it didn’t strike me that much in the feels – it was early in the show. I remember watching Happily Ever After the first time and thinking…oh something must be wrong tonight and Tink is not flying. But then…when she took off from the castle…I started crying. The timing is spectacular… when Tinkerbell makes her flight…it is just perfect. I have never cried so much in a show with fireworks – not in all of these years of visiting the parks. (Even seeing Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular was amazing, but I did not burst out into hysteric tears.) Happily Ever After became a must do for me. I would gladly wait in the heat, with a crowd, to get a great view.

I say all of this to say – Happily Ever After is going away too soon. We were not ready…we didn’t have enough time. I know the pandemic kept us from visiting as much over the last couple of years, but I don’t think more viewings would change my feelings of loss right now. I am not angry, and I do not hold it against Disney because I am sure they have their reasons…but I have a request. Walt Disney World…please at least give me an official soundtrack.